Savage Model 340 & 840 Series Rifle Mounts
Includes Stevens, Westernfield, Revelation 300 & 800 Series
Drilled and Tapped for Side Mount

Weaver makes a 2 piece system with integrated rings.


You buy part 48401 (the Side Mount Plate)

And either 49340 (1" Long High Bracket & Rings)

Or 49350 (1" High Bracket & Rings)

The Weaver system works well but the scope lands slightly beyond center favoring the right side.

Way back when, Weaver made a 1" Low Bracket & Rings but I have not been able to find the part number . It works great except the rail that the rings are built into can interfere with newer style scope reticle blocks that rap around the scope tube.

Sun Optics makes a 1 piece machined aluminum mount (SM4460) with a weaver style rail on top.
It puts the scope a little higher than I would like but it is well centered and gives you a lot of choices for eye relief.

While working on this page I discovered that B-Square also made a mount very similar to the Sun Optics mount except that it has fewer slots and comes with 1" rings. It too is imported. Part number is 14600. As of 5/1/20, CDNN had them in stock.


Either option may require that the stock be inlet enough to clear the side plate. Not all stocks left the factory ready for a side plate.

On the Sun Optics mount I removed some of the metal at the back corner (next to the first hole at the rear of base) of the mount just to reduce the amount of inletting required.




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