Being Prepared


I have a recurring dream that I am ill prepared for confrontation with a home invasion. Usually it goes something like this:

I am awakened by a noise of some sort, and preparing to leave the bedroom to investigate,
I discover that I have a gun but the wrong ammo or I have ammo and no gun.

The dream occurs when I have changed something in my routine. For example: moved a gun out of sight because of house guests or I have been out of town and have not put my nightstand gun(s) back in place.

At 1:30 A.M. recently I awoke from just such a dream and could not go back to sleep. Going through all the possible scenarios that I could think of, I realized that I am not nearly as prepared as I thought.

I guess I kind of took for granted that having a gun handy was adequate.

In my mind I walked through a couple of scenarios and looked at each step in the process of "checking out a noise."

Quietly throw back the covers while reaching for the gun. Approach the bedroom doorway and pass through it.

Stepping to the front foyer I find broken glass. Not with my eyes, because I have no flashlight but with my bare feet because I have no slippers .

I spot an intruder in my home yell "freeze" he doesn't, I fire a couple of shots, he limps out of sight to another room and I hear a second intruder responding to his partners screams of pain.

I'm down to 4 or 5 rounds in the gun. Additional ammo is in the bedroom or in my loading room in the basement or both.

You get the idea.

So back in bed, going through this in my mind I realize I need to make some serious changes.

I actually got out of bed went to the kitchen and found pad and pen and started my list. An hour later, back in bed, with the nightstand gun where it should have been in the first place, I drifted peacefully back to sleep.

During my early morning list writing adventure I created 3 lists.

  • Intruder Elimination Equipment
  • Storm Retreat Contents
  • Additional Home Security Measures

    Intruder Elimination Equipment (1st line defense)
    Hardware (in reach) Misc. Strategically Placed
    Loaded Gun(s) Slippers Spare Ammo
    Additional Ammo   Knives
    Ball Cap w/light   Rope (or handcuffs)
        Spare Loaded Guns

    Myself, once I leave the bedroom, I'm not going back until the threat has been eliminated. In my mind this would leave too much opportunity for the intruder to advance or change location/position. I probably already have a good idea where he is and what I plan to do about it. If I discover I need additional equipment it should be available to me in strategic places.

    Storm Retreat Contents (which can also be read as rioting individuals approaching)
    Hardware Health Comfort Misc.
    Guns Water Blankets Candles
    Ammo Food Clothes Rags
    Knives Medication
    (including current prescriptions)
    Shoes Scott Towels
    Hand Tools
    (screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, ice pick, crowbar)
    1st Aid Kit Chairs Pen & Paper
    Communication Equipment
    (some form of communicating with the outside world)
    Toilet paper   Clock
    Flashlights Sewage disposal/storage method (self explanatory)    
    Glow Sticks      
    More Ammo      
    Extra Batteries      


    Additional Home Security Measures
    Additional Exterior Lighting
    Deadman Brace Service Door(s)
    Motion Alarms

    A clear and rapid means of getting to the "Storm Retreat Location"
    ( Running screaming down a hallway and down a flight of steps may not be the best option)

    In one of my dreams I did finally get the right gun and the right ammo together and as I approached the intruder and stuck the gun to the side of his head I realized that my daughter (who is grown and gone) already had a gun stuck in his chest.

    No clue where any of that came from or what it meant except that I was not completely prepared. Like any father, I worry about my daughter so I am going to use this as a wake up call to help her get more prepared as well.

    I would encourage you to stop and think about the possible issues that can arise. You might realize there are additional steps you need to take to protect yourself and family, including the dogs.


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