Firearms Storage

Without going into too much detail I wanted to tell you about a company in Fresno. Sturdy Safe

I honestly don't know a lot about safes. I have one at my shop and have sold a few of them through my shop but that's about it.

I understand that flimsy sucks. I've seen the videos on youtube and heard the usual horror stories. Dealing with the safe I have at the shop I have come to some conclusions.

1) Any safe is better than no safe

2) A sub-floor that keeps the guns 2 or 3 inches off the floor makes perfect sense. If you have a fire, water seeks it's level.

3) This layout is a pain in the back side

Any "U" shape or staggard layout that requires you to empty the safe to get to the gun in the back is simply a pain in the butt.

4) This works ! You can move 2 or 3 guns and get to the gun in the back.

Now, the rest of the story.

Knowing little more than that I set out to find a vault door. I read on blogs, looked at vendor web sites, read some more and got more and more confused.

I liked what Sturdy Safe had to say on their web site and I liked their prices soooooo, I picked up the phone and called them. I talked to Terry (the guy that builds them) and told him that I didn't know squat about doors or safes.

Explaining my needs and my concerns, I went on to ask why there were such huge price differences across the industry.

I won't quote him but let me just say I bought from him. He spoke very frankly, had answers for my questions and the answers made sense.

When my door arrived, weighing in at well over 1/4 ton, I had help standing by. It took 3 of us to move the door into position. 2 of us could not have done it.

It's everything Sturdy Safe told me it would be and their service was great.


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