Optics Mounted

I started by mounting a 3x9x32 that I had laying around. It worked fine for the 100 yard range and getting the rifle broken in.

I sold a 223, and kept the 4x12x40 off of it to mount on the 220. Turns out the scope was defective and my groups went bad. Replaced the scope with a new 3x9x40 and regained my composure and my groups.

February 25th, my new Baush & Lomb Elite 4200 arrived. This is the scope that will make the journey to Montana in June for the Prairie Dog Conference, so I got a 6x24x40 AO. You can read more about this scope in the product review excerpt from the July 99 issue of The Firearms MagEzine.

Now it was time to get serious. I got out my lapping kit from Sinclair and went to work. Compared to the cheap rings I tried this kit out on the first time, I could tell I was in for a little more work. The kit still worked great, it just took more time with the better rings.

Because the rings are finished in the same gray tone stainless as the rifle, it was hard to see progress. I set the scope back into the bases and checked clearance with a bright flashlight. Slowly, the light was no longer visible and I quit. Under a magnifying glass, it was still difficult to see a difference in color between the stainless finish and bare steel.

Mounted, with the sun shade attached, this scope measures 22 inches. It looks awesome and is a beautiful piece of work. I bore sighted it and was at the range the next morning. I sat down at the bench, set the gun on the rest and peered down range. Fuzzy, not a little, a lot. Panic set in, and then I remembered that I had backed the adjustable objective down for bore sighting. While looking through the scope I started turning the objective up in yardage. The target became clear, and then picture perfect. I fired a shot, it did not touch paper but I saw dirt fly above the target. I aimed lower on the target and hit the cardboard backer. A few clicks down with the reticle and shots 5 through 9 are on this target.


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