The .222 Remington

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Stainless Synthetic


This puppy arrived on the 19th of December. I had spotted one on Gun Broker but it was too steep for my blood. Stumbled across this one at one of my distributors. When it arrived, I checked serial number history on Ruger's web site and discovered that it was in fact a 2010 model. I called Ruger to see if they would tell me how many of them were produced but they declined.

I followed the usual polishing procedure and can't wait to get out and shoot it.

Back in 2005 or 2006 I found a Ruger Zytel "skeleton" stock for a short action on ebay, bought it and put it up for safe keeping. I don't know why but I think these stocks are cool. I figured that someday I would want it for something. So the new Hawkeye is now wearing the Zytel. This puts me at 3 of the Zytel's in service.

I mounted a Browning labeled version of the Bushnell Elite 3200 in 5-15x40 AO, matte blue, on the new stainless Hawkeye and it looks great.

On 12/22/2011 I went through the break-in procedure of firing 3 shots then cleaning for a total of 21 shots. I went ahead and zeroed the scope in the process in an attempt to save time. After the 21 shots, I fired 3 more rounds that had been loaded for my old Savage 340C. The bullet was against the lands but I saw no indications of a pressure spike and shot a nice little group. Back at the house I cleaned the bore thoroughly.

Saturday the 24th I tested a new batch of ammo that I had loaded specifically for this rifle. The following target is the first 5 shots starting with a cold clean barrel.

Shots 3,4&5 in the cluster.



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