Working on a new load for the 260


I had used 38 grains of Varget to push the Hornady V-Max 95's and I couldn't ask for better accuracy. So I stuck with Varget and started with 38 grains to push the Nosler 100 Partitions. I also loaded 39 grains and 40 grains. Just a few of each.

It didn't matter how fast I pushed the bullet it just wasn't going to go where it was aimed.

To make sure that something else was not the issue, I fired 2 of the V-Max rounds. They were touching at 100 yards. Alrighty then, no point in wasting anymore Varget, I have a bullet puller and a trash can. I've used 6MM Partitions with good results but the 264 isn't going to cut it. Well, it would if you call a 5 inch group "good".


I had pulled the Nosler bullets from 7 remaining rounds and replaced them with Hornady 100 grain SP Interlock bullets. Using 40 grains of Varget I shot a group you could cover with a quarter. I think that's adequate for deer.