The 30-06 Springfield

The Cartridge

The cartridge dates back to 1903 with todays dimensions established in 1906. A .30 caliber military round, the name took in the calendar year and became what was destined to be the most popular cartridge in America, the 30-06.

A 17 degree shoulder and a case length of 2.494" will walk through a pound of powder like a goose through corn. With powder listings cutting you to just over 110 rounds per pound, you could almost use your bathroom scales for this cartridge.

The mother of several cartridges, you will find offspring up and down the scale. The .270 and and the 25-06 to name a couple of the more popular.

If you have never shot a 30-06, borrow one and try it out. It is a truly amazing cartridge. Performance is excellent, it is accurate and easy to reload and to say that it is lethal would be an understatement.

I do not know the number of bullets on the market that the 06 can eat, lets just say you have plenty to choose from.

My experience with it has been limited to 5 or 6 bullet weights ranging from 110 to 180 grains. Results with the 125 and 130's have been very favorable and actually reduce recoil to almost tolerable for more than 10 rounds at one sitting.

The only complaint I have with the 06 is "unnecessary roughness". Recoil is heavy and I feel it is much more gun than needed in a lot of instances. It is kind of like smashing a fly with a phonebook when a fly swatter would do the job.

Still, there are those who would have no other deer rifle and if you can shoot it and enjoy it, more power to you, no pun intended.

The Guns

It would probably be simpler to list the manufacturers that do not chamber the 30-06. Nine out of ten times, retail newspaper ads will offer "Available in .270 and 30-06", like there are no other calibers. Lets just say that if you find a breed that you like, odds are you can get it in 30-06.


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