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Public hunting ground is a viable option. While there may be hunting pressure it likely isn't coyote hunters.

Take a little time, scout the public land for potential stands and along with obtaining a map of the ground check it out with google earth. While satelite views are not 3D a lot of times you can see paths or access roads. Remember that a lot of people are lazy and stick to the paths and roads. Sometimes just getting away from these can be productive. But don't rule out hunting in the proximity either. Just because the coyotes are used to seeing people there doesn't mean they have to see you. Blend in, move slow and quiet and then disappear in a shadow. It works, trust me.

If you talk to landowners adjacent to public ground, most will tell you they have tresspassers. Even though there are signs indicating the edge of public ground people just step over the fence and keep going.

While I strongly discourage tresspassing, there isn't anything to stop you from backing away from the fence a couple hundred yards and calling. Check your state regulations on "distance from private property".

Usually this public land is in remote locations. Pay attention to private land in the area. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Some of my best coyote hunting has been within a couple of miles of the public land. My outings usually included a visit to the public land and the private land where I obtained permission. So you can increase your number of stands and reduce your travel time.

Know the rules on public ground. Nobody wants a ticket. Know what weapons you can use and any other rules that apply to your intended activity.