The "Decoy Heart" and the "Weasel Ball"

Decoy Heart switch and guts. I must say that the switch is a great time saver and the Decoy Heart is made of a harder plastic making it much easier to open and close. The dog has scratched it a little but that's all while the Weasel Ball has puncture marks and dents in it.

Weasel Ball guts.

She saw me messing with them and was waiting her turn.

My attempt at a decoy.

An opening was left on the lower side of the rabbit to accomodate inserting the ball and held closed with a safety pin. The hole in the back allows access to the switch.

Update 12/23/01

Called a fox in on 12/16/01 and it was actually stalking or sneaking in to the decoy. Of course I was watching the other direction. When I turned my head the direction the fox was coming from, I spotted it sneaking in like a cat. It saw me move my head though and left at a high rate of speed. But the exciting thing was the decoy actually worked. The decoy kept his attention for a minute and could have cost him dearly had I been doing a better job of watching.