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Marlin Action
Green Mountain Barrel
Caliber 17 Fireball

May 19th, 2015

Time fly's when you're having fun. I am going to have to put a clock on the wall about lathe height. Several evening lathe tasks have become early morning projects (like 2 AM) before I quit.

There just isn't a good stopping point and even when I do stop, my brain continues to work on the math problems and processes I've learned or am learning. To the extent that even after going to bed I struggle to drift off to sleep.

I bought a Marlin X7 rifle in 223 as the donor for my first project. Promptly removed the factory barrel and went to work on building some tools recommended in this book.

The first "tool" I made was designed to apply back pressure on the bolt so that the lugs could be lapped and trued to the receiver. It a spring loaded contraption with a button (indicated by the red arrow) that pushes against the bolt face.

The long bar is designed to hold the receiver in the lathe so that the face of the receiver can be trued and therefore hold the barrel square with the receiver when the barrel is installed.

Both of these tools needed to be used prior to setting the headspace. So that's done and out of the way.

I'm sure that some folks will see that I bought a Marlin and assume me an idiot. And while I may well be, there's method to my madness. The Marlin barrels are threaded like Savage and I can't beat the price. I should be able to sell the barrel after I use it as a pattern to turn my Green Mountain barrel which was also a great price.


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