Metal Protectants
I have always used just a simple gun oil such as Outers or even 3-in-1. No doubt there are other products more suited to the task however, I do not have "rusty" guns so I must be doing something right.

This is simply a list of products that are on the market. Hopefully, I can give you a better explanation of their design as this section of my site nears completion.


  • Outers Gun Oil
  • Outers Metal Seal
  • Outers Tri-Lub Teflon
  • Rig Universal Grease
  • Rig #2 Oil Lube
  • Shooter's Choice Firepower 10
  • Shooter's Choice Hi-tech Lube
  • Sinclair Bolt Grease
  • Kellube M12
  • Quick Slick Gun Grease
  • Pro-Tec Gun Oil
  • Midway Rust Guard
  • Cosmoline
  • Midway Rust Shield Cloth
  • Shooter's Choice Rust Preventer
  • Hoppe's Lubricating Oil
  • Hoppe's Castrol Synthetic GunLube
  • 3-IN-ONE Household Oil *

  • * My favorite, I read a report/comparison one time that said that 3-IN-ONE prevented rust as well or better than other "protectants". Works for me, it's inexpensive and readily available.

    I coat all exposed surfaces lightly by application with a Q-Tip or a larger soaked rag, say about 8x8 inches. The rag need not be dripping with oil. I usually take a fresh rag, put large drips about the size of a nickel, in a cicular pattern about 5 inches in diameter, on the rag. Squeeze the rag into a ball and store in a glass jar with a lid. After a day or two, the entire rag has absorbed the oil. I usually use seperate rags for the action and external blued surfaces. This keeps any powder residue or heavy greases off of the blueing. I resist the temptation to wipe down the wood stock with the oily rags though some folks do it that way.

    When the rags become soiled in appearence, they are replaced.

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