Ruger Compact Rifles


I can't say enough good about these guns. I now have one in 243 and one in 308 and I love them.

My biggest concern was losing muzzle velocity but that was dispelled early on with the 308 which was my first compact. I won't re-quote the numbers but the short (16.5") barrel certainly does not lose the "75 FPS per Inch" that I expected.

This week I was at the range with a new Remington VTR in 308 and my Ruger Compact in 308. I had a box of reloads that I have killed deer with. IMR 4895 pushing a Hornady 110 SP.

With the chronograph set up anyway, I decided to compare that load between the 2 guns.

Just one shot each. I realize this is no "average" and can't begin to give me any "statistics" but it does give me some insight into the potential of the Ruger Compact.

In the Remington VTR, the round crossed the skyscreens at 2900 FPS.

In the Ruger Compact, the round crossed the skyscreens at 2826 FPS.

The Ruger Compact is a tough sell and no doubt, the size of the gun is 99% of the issue for most would be buyers. Potential buyers are usually looking for new rifles while the weather is warmer than it will be when they are deer hunting. With a light shirt and no jacket the Compact rifle makes you feel like you are holding a BB gun.

In the real world, out in the field in insulated hunting clothes, the gun fits.

I've killed at least 5 deer with my 308 and field dressing them they seemed just as dead as if I had been packing a 22" or 24" barrel on an 8 pound rifle.

The packablity and swingability of the Ruger Compact will make you a believer in 1 hunting trip. Lightning quick, incredibly accurate and a pure pleasure to carry makes the Compact a perfect addition to any collection.

Deer season 2008 I carried my new Ruger Compact in 243 opening day. Opening morning I killed a button buck and 45 minutes before quitting time I killed a 9 point buck.