The Gracey Cartridge Case Trimmer

Product Review
By Gary Lambert

I became tired of the slow process of trimming cases. Most every reloader I know agrees that trimming cases is the most dreaded part. I have an RCBS Manual Trim Pro that I have been using since 1995. I never liked it much. The cases were sometimes out-of-line with the cutter. Also, I did not like adjusting it for different length cuts. When the 3 way cutter came out, I though it was a great improvement. Anyway, I learned of the Gracey trimmer from a guy named Steve Weldon. He started telling me about it and it seemed too good to be true. I finally broke down and bought one.

What is it?
The Gracey unit is different from any other case trimmer that I have ever seen. It uses the shoulder of the case to index off of. It resembles an
electric pencil sharpener. It trims the cartridge to the desired length, chamfers the case mouth and debur's the case.

Gracey claims 500 cases an hour, I usually do batches of 100 in around ten minutes. The case does not have to be attached to anything, unlike other makes of trimmers. The Gracey does require a different shell holder for each different caliber and you must FL re-size. If you send 3 neck sized cases to Gracey, they will build you a custom shell holder.

The Gracey will come set up for one caliber. The first time I adjusted the cutting heads, it took around three tries and 30 minutes. After becoming familiar with the concept, one try and about 5 minutes will do it.

Adjusting the case length is as simple as loosening a set screw and turning the shell holder in or out.

Other Gracey products:
Gracey also makes:
1. neck shaver (turner)
2. primer pocket uniformer
3. primer pocket cleaner

How do I get a Gracey?
I ordered mine through Steve Weldon ( )

He has the best prices on the complete Gracey line. FWIW, I am not in business with Steve nor do I know him personally. I am a satisfied customer. After using a Gracey, you'll wonder "why did I wait so long?".

Gary Lambert


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