Hoppe's Gunsmith's Benchvise


Product Review


I had long needed a vise of some sort when I stumbled across this vise at a store that was going out of business.


The vise is a 4 piece package that includes 2 bases and 2 uprights. Pictures


The bases can be screwed to your bench top or a piece of wood clamped to the bench top.


One of the uprights is Y shaped and padded to hold the barrel and will even accommodate a bi-pod. It is adjustable in height to keep the muzzle at a downward slope, which keeps solvent from draining back into the action. The second upright, an overgrown clamp, is also padded and grips the stock firmly.


The uprights drop into the base and lock in place with a quarter turn clockwise.


I mounted my vise on my bench out at the front edge, and this works well for me.

With the uprights removed, the bases are only about a quarter inch high and do not get in the way.


When I go to the range, I remove the bases from the bench and screw them into the top tray of my range box. I suppose that screwed to a board, they could be clamped to the shooting bench or the tailgate of your pickup.


I need to break down and buy another set. My favorite part of them is storage. Twist the uprights out and toss them in a drawer, out of the way.


Until I have more storage space and money than I know what to do with, I will use this vise.


Bill Wade


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