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Load From A Disk For Windows

Product Review

Calculations alone make this software program worth the investment. If you have ever struggled with any of the mind boggling equations in
ballistics, then you know what a pain they are.

This software performs the calculations for you, in addition to many other great features.

The program is simple and clean to operate with handy icons for the procedures. Basically, it is set up with icons for Internal Ballistics
and External Ballistics.

As you perform calculations, the results can be transferred to the next stage of load development.

Enhancements in the new version include stronger integration, expanded graphing capabilities, and a solution to the only negative I had found
with the previous version, bullet input.

The version that I am currently working with only allows the user to select from the database of bullets, 2000 of them, that came with the
software. The new version will allow the user to input his/her own bullet information.

Because I am not using the new version yet, I will hit the highlights that I am certain will carry over from the previous version.

As I mentioned, there are two sides of the program: Internal and External Ballistics.

First we will look at the internal ballistics.

Starting with case capacity, the system will tell you the full case capacity of the cartridge you select. Wildcatting measurements can also
be used.

Given the case capacity, you then enter the following:
Bullet Weight
Bullet Type
Bullet Length
Overall Cartridge Length
Barrel Length to Bolt Face

Based on the entries, the program calculates the following:
Bullet Seating Depth
Displaced Water
Effective Case Capacity
Effective Barrel Length

Simply click a button to transfer this information to the load development screen. Press the Calculate button and the program
generates load data.

I say generates; this software is not an overgrown database. The output is based on calculations, and of course you and I know that any minor
change in reloading can have dramatic effects. By generating results based on user input, you get accurate, reliable output.

In a nutshell, the program will tell you suitable powders, estimated pressures, load density and charges, and estimated velocity.

This information can then be transferred to the external ballistics side of the system.

A full array of functions will tell you everything you want to know about how your bullet should perform.

For years, I have enjoyed the Winchester trajectory tables in their ammunition guides. They are wonderful tools and fascinating to study.
Of course while you are working with them, in the back of your mind should be a plethora of "What Ifs?"

Now you can plug in "What Ifs?" until the wee hours of the morning. You can even graph them, side by side.

In the May issue of this Ezine, I discussed Recoil and mentioned this software had been used to determine the numbers. That too is a
fascinating segment of the software. We all know the bigger calibers can stomp you, but when you plug in real numbers and get pounds
of energy, and can compare it to other rifles in your rack, or rifles that you want in your rack, it is a very en"lightening" journey.

Load From a Disk for Windows has a very informative website that you can visit for more information and some screen shots of the software.

This is one tool that should be on every reloaders bench.


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