RockChucker Master Reloading Kit

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Beginners and novices alike would enjoy this kit. It arrives at your bench with everything except dies and components.

I opened the carton of smaller cartons and the farther I dug, the more excited I got. I spent years accumulating all of the equipment that RCBS offers in this kit.

It just does not get any simpler to get involved in reloading. Pick up a set of dies and some components and you're ready to start cranking out loaded rounds.

Well ok, it is a little more complicated than that. You will have to do some reading, but there are complete directions included that will walk you through setting up the equipment. The kit even includes a Speer reloading manual that will pump you full of helpful information as well as supply you with quality loading data.

While you are picking out dies and components, you will want to pick up a quality caliper to measure cases.

**The press

Rock Chucker

The press is a single stage O-frame design with ample strength and height to handle most cartridges.

The press operates smoothly with its long rigid handle. It has a primer arm that can be hand fed or used in conjunction with the automatic primer feed tube to avoid handling primers. There is also a primer turning tray to get them all headed the right direction for the primer feed tube. A spent primer catcher is held in place with a plastic clip, and is easily removed for dumping. Though the press is solid enough to provide a sensitive feel for seating primers I still prefer to use a hand-priming tool purchased separately.

The ram is designed to accommodate removable shell holders which are held in the ram with a spring clip, no set screws. Just snap in a shell holder and you are ready.

I liked the bushing in the top of the press against which the die locknut rests. It is big and flat, easy to keep clean, and is
clearly visible and accessible when setting the dies in place.

**The powder measure

Picture RCBS Measure

A Uniflow powder measure is included in the kit that can speed up the loading process dramatically. I am not sure how long RCBS has been
producing the Uniflow but it has proven itself for years.

The measuring screw protrudes from the back of the measure and can easily be adjusted to throw the exact charge you are seeking. It has a
lock ring designed to be tightened with thumb pressure and it stays put.

The bushing that carries the measuring screw runs in a cast groove in the measure body, which allows for smooth consistent operation with a
solid stop at each end of the crank travel.

Extruded powder has the normal shearing effect expected with this type of measure, however ball and flake powders feed through it smoothly.

**The 5-0-5 Powder Scale

RCBS Scale

The 5-0-5 powder scale is a beam type scale that uses magnetic damping to stop swing quickly. Zeroing the scale is accomplished with a large
leveling foot at the left end of the scale. Simply rotate the foot to bring the beam to zero and you're ready to go.

The beam has a high contrast finish, which makes it easy to read the graduations. It uses 3 poises, 1in 10-grain increments, 1 in single
grain increments and 1 in 10th grain increments.

The scoop or powder hopper rests on a base that hangs from the right end of the beam instead of being cradled on a wire. This makes it
simple to set on the scale and quicker. A powder funnel included in the kit gives you a big target when pouring powder into the cases.

**The Trim Pro Case Trimmer

RCBS TrimPro

The Trim Pro is my favorite piece of equipment in the kit. The case holder has a unique design that uses shell holder plates that come with
the trimmer. There are 4 plates that cover all cartridges. To put a case into the trimmer, press a lever which releases pressure from
the plate, slip the case into the plate and release the handle. It is fast and holds the case firmly.

The trimmer comes complete with 9 pilots for all popular calibers which are held in the cutter shaft with a set screw. The cutter itself is
hardened steel and threaded into the shaft. The shaft is turned with a large handle that won't wear out your thumb.

Adjustment of the trimmer is quick and effective. It has a bushing that you slide to the desired position and lock down with a set screw. Fine
adjustment is accomplished with a larger bushing that is threaded onto the initial bushing and locked down with a set screw. To make fine
adjustments, you simply loosen the set screw on the large bushing and rotate the bushing, lock it back down and you're set to go. The fine
adjustment bushing is marked in .001 increments with a reference mark to line up on the trimmer. The set screws are easy to deal with using
the hex key set that is included with the kit. A loading block is included to hold up to 40 cases during the various operations.

**The Case Prep Tools


Included in the kit is a deburring/chamfering tool that works great. It is big enough to grip and yet does not fatigue your hand. Also included
is a primer pocket cleaner which like others I have used, leaves a lot to be desired. I recently purchased an RCBS primer pocket brush that seems to do the job quite well. The brush consists of a group of short steel bristles bound in a steel collar. The brushes come in 2 sizes and will
fit the handle in the case lube kit or can be purchased as a set with a handle.

**The Case Lube Kit

Case Lube Kit

The kit also includes a Case Lube Kit that works great. There are 2 nylon neck brushes and 1 handle, a bottle of lubricant and a lube pad
with cover. Simply put a teaspoon of lube on the pad and spread it around. Select the proper brush for your case neck, roll the brush
across the pad a couple of revolutions and then push it into the case neck. You can do 2 or 3 cases and then pick up more lube on the brush.
Do 8 or 10 cases then lay them all on the pad. Roll them back and forth with light pressure once or twice and you're ready to size them. The
pad material is firm enough that unless you roll the cases too hard, no lube will get on the shoulder of the case.

I have tried spray on lubricant and was not impressed. RCBS makes a spray on but I did not try it. The pad system works better than any
other method I have tried.

*In Summary*

I think the package is an excellent buy. The kit contains nearly everything a beginner needs to get involved in reloading without
draining the bank account. Shop around, prices seem to vary on the kit but I have seen them on the Internet for under $250 plus taxes and

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