Sinclair International’s

Precision Reloading & Shooting Handbook – 10th Edition
By Bill Gravatt & Fred Sinclair

Product Review



A friend of mine sent me this book, said it was from Santa. Thanks George!


What a wealth of information. Though there are many “Reloading Manuals” and books out there, none may be more in-depth on accurate reloading.


This book covers topics like neck turning, inside neck reaming, measuring techniques, brass sorting and much more.


There are 2 chapters on shooting that include required equipment, technique and an introduction to Bench-rest competition.


I like the way it is written because it goes a little farther than just saying “do it this way” or “don’t do this.”  They take the time to explain why and why not.


The book has 167 pages with plenty of pictures and diagrams to further explain the art of crafting precision ammunition.


For under $15, it is a lot of book.




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