Sharp Shooter Bench

One more new product that I took to the Prairie Dog Conference, I wanted to tell you about.

A folding shooting bench, worth itís weight in gold. It measures basically 40x27x4 when folded and weighs 22 pounds.

The folding legs are much like those found on those long folding tables but it is not quite that simple. They are staggered so that it folds pretty flat and it has an integral seat on one set of legs.

The locking mechanism is much more ridged than that of standard table legs, and there is absolutely no movement.

The seat and the top are both particle board with Formica surfaces and a rubber or plastic cap on the edge. The bench is designed for right handed shooters and to my knowledge, is not offered for left handed shooters, unfortunately.

I have only 2 complaints about the bench: The top length and height. It had to be designed for the "average shooter" and it had to be designed "weight conscious." However, my ancestors blessed me with 34 inch arms and a tall frame. This makes the length of the top, front to back, just a tad short, say 2 inches. Then the distance from the seat surface to the top surface is a couple of inches short, causing me to have to hunker down a little more than I would like. For a person about under 6 feet tall with 32 inch arms, it should be a better fit.

I really enjoyed having it with me at the Conference, and so did the other shooters in my party. Since the Conference, I have used it several times at the farm. It sets up fast and travels well.

I am planning to make a large cloth case for it, just to keep it from getting beat up and I may try raising the top an inch or so with a block of plywood.

Source: It is made by Innovative Technology of American Fork, Utah and is available through Cabelaís at 800-237-4444 or ref item number CK22-2763.

Price: $99


Bill Wade


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