Early 2010

We are done with the remodeling project, well if you are ever actually done.

We had been discussing our options for re-arranging the shelving and display cases for a few weeks. It was kind of an ongoing discussion with the constant pros and cons. For no particular reason on New Years Eve we decided to try something, I don't even remember what now but a couple of hours later we quit and headed for home.

One of the major goals of the remodel project was to improve the traffic flow behind the counter and we accomplished that by enlarging the work area. It was of course trial and error but I think we finally found an arrangement that works. We still have a few kinks to iron out like finding a central location for the printer and credit card machine but all in due time.

I moved my desk to the back of the shop and while that looked like a bright idea it was anything but bright at the back of the shop so I replaced a couple of light
fixtures. Now I can see just how cluttered my desk is. I can also see that the other light fixtures are out of date and not nearly as efficient as the new ones. Of course not seeing the sun in weeks has only compounded the situation.