Update January 2004

I scheduled a trip to South Dakota for some prairie dogging in June. This will be at the front end of a vacation and we hope to take in some sites in South Dakota that we haven't seen before. Will probably have to take in the Black Hills again too just because we enjoyed it so much last time. Beautiful Country !

Jim River Guide Service was chosen from a handful of guides that I checked into on the net. Very prompt getting back with me and working with my schedule. Of course price had to work into the equation, I don't have to sell my first born or anything. I am looking forward to the trip and hope to have a good report for you when I get back.

As you might expect, the brass is running through the dies at a high rate of speed now. Putting together 1000 rounds or so seems like a tall order starting from scratch. I figure if I get started now, I should have everything ready to go by the night before I leave.

In the past, I used a 55 grain Sierra Spitzer in the 220 which performed incredibly well. I think I will try 40's or 45's this time just for grins. Of course, the new 243 will be there but I have to come up with a better scope for it first. So I am shopping now and will get that task out of the way as quickly as possible so I have plenty of time for testing.

Played with the old Savage Hornet a couple of weeks ago and it still shoots great considering the miles it has on it. The Savage will make the trip too and I am looking forward to burning up some ammo with it. I had taken it back in 2000 to the Prairie Dog Conference and it performed very well. I did a little walking with it and it was quick to point and nail PD'S freehand at 75 to 100 yards.

Meanwhile, I continue to coyote hunt when the weather cooperates, which it hasn't done very well. I haven't had any luck so far this season but still enjoy just getting out of town. I bought one of those Cass Creek electronic calls and I would really like to see it work. So far, I am a little un-impressed by the quality of the sound at higher volumes. We'll see how it does and write up a product review on it after the season is over.


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