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Coyote Hunting and Target Practice RUGER P90 CZ_70 centerfire rifle rifles

I have been coyote hunting as much as possible this year but the weather has been a little uncooperative. Very little snow and at times, just too warm to feel like "coyote season". 

We did get a little snow late in the day on January 18th so I decided I should give it a try the next morning. Went up to my brothers farm and everything was perfect. No wind, a few clouds floating around and cold. After 20 minutes or so of squealing and howling, I heard a (some?) coyotes barking off in the distance. I kept calling and finally spotted one running away from me. 

I had my head tipped down too far evidently because his tracks revealed that he had come in to me from the north, hidden by the bill on my cap. He came all the way in to 30 yards, stopped and looked for me and turned around to head back north. I never heard a thing but it was a fluffy snow for whatever that's worth. His departure line brought him into site at 100 yards. He wasn't moving real fast but had his head up and looking for me. A bark on the call did not stop him so I threw lead at him. Don't know how or why I missed but I did.  Picture

The next weekend was up in the 60's. I would rather coyote hunt when it is colder and I feel like they are having a tougher time finding food. So instead of hunting, me and a buddy went and burned up some ammo. I had picked up a used CZ-70 32ACP pistol and he was working with his new Ruger P90 in 45ACP.

I will have to get him to write up his thoughts on the P90 but I have been impressed with it. It is every bit the quality that I have come to expect from Ruger. This is the first gun he has ever purchased and the first gun he has shot in many years. He has already become addicted though. I think he finished off his 3rd box of ammo on this trip.

The little 32 I picked up for plinking is a blast to shoot but it eats shells like a they are going out of style. You just can't resist the urge to keep squeezing the trigger on a target or empty can. It came with 2 clips which just compounds the ammo consumption. I can actually hit pretty good with it when I take my time, surprised myself anyway. Of course hitting with it doesn't actually do much to the target. I had put a 1x6 plank of wood on top of a concrete block and then lined up 3 or 4 cans on the plank. Backed up about 20 yards and proceeded to try and hit the cans. One shot hit the 1 inch edge of the plank. It almost knocked it off the block but did not even come close to penetrating the wood. One shot hit the block, kind of made a light colored spot on the block and the bullet dropped to the ground. Picture 

This is factory ammo I am playing with right now. My reloads, when I get set up, will surely take down a bull elk right? You know, one of those ceramic bull elk, say 5 or 6 inches tall, as long as it is hollow. Anyway, it is a lot of fun to shoot and an extremely well made little pistol. I will write up some kind of review of it some time in the near future.

We had a good time shooting and ended the trip killing hedge apples while we were on a short hike through the property. 

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