Update April 2004

Late in January, we took the big plunge and bought a new house. We had taken a drive out north of Kansas City to see what kind of small acreage properties were available. As expected, nothing has really changed except prices. When you get outside the city limits, you find dead cars, structures in need of repair, propane tanks, septic tanks and no high speed internet.

The draw backs to living "out of town" far out weighed the positives. If we could have purchased 20 acres or more, within driving distance of the city, it might have been worth it. The prices would not allow that however.

We took a swing through Platte City, Missouri on the way back home and stumbled into a new subdivision. This edition is situated basically due north of the Kansas City International Airport about 2 miles. The way the runways are situated, the flight pathes do not come over the house. We can hear the jets, but we seldom hear sirens, traffic or thumping car stereos that we heard at the last home.

Anyway, long story short, the house was exactly what we were looking for space wise and layout so we grabbed it. It has a 1600 square foot walkout basement. The boss said I could do whatever I want with it. It will be the workshop and office and if there is any room left, I might even include a small rec room.

We moved in the first weekend of April. I had no idea that we had accumulated so much stuff. We were in the other house for nine years and I guess you just don't realize how your collections are growing.

Of course I moved my loading bench with us and plan to expand it some. I hauled home some 3/4 inch plywood from work to use for a new bench top but haven't figured out exactly what I want to do yet.

Will post some pictures of the progress as soon as I can.


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