Update June 2004

Well I got the new computer shop, "Platte City PC" up and running. It has been pretty exciting so far. A little slow on the take off but I guess that is to be expected.

When I had the sign made for the shop, I included "CenterFire Central" on it. View Sign It was funny, I put the sign up on a Saturday and went in to the police station the following Monday to get finger printed for the FFL and they said "oh, your the guy with the new shop." Guess they don't miss much.

Putting the sign up proved to be quite a challenge. It measures 3x5 foot and slides into the frame from the left. That meant that to get the sheet started into the frame, the left end had to be at the right height and 10 feet out from the building. I needed sky hooks. It took 2 ladders and my nephews help, actually, I helped him. I hope know one was watching because we probably looked like 2 monkeys humping a football. I was standing on top of a 6 foot step ladder sitting in the bed of my truck. Don't think my toenails weren't hooked over the edge of the ladder. I don't ever want to go up there again.

I really don't have any gun related stuff to sell yet but I put a bunch of reloading data booklets out on a shelf to give away. They were extras from the reloading classes I taught a few years back. I figure what the heck, my favorite loading manual was printed in 1963. Maybe someone can use them.

The shop is basically on the square in Platte City and there is not a lot of foot traffic. Consequently, I am spending plenty on advertising but I like the location. It's quiet and kind of like Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone and word will get around. I get a few chuckles over the combined businesses of "computers and guns". I tell them my motto is "If I can't fix it, I can shoot it."

Anyway, not having a boss to report to anymore agrees quite well with me. Nobody's backside to kiss, no more lies about "bonuses", "raises", "cutbacks" all while the owner has to pay for a new lease car. Sorry, was that out loud ?

Went to a gun auction on 6/27. That was pretty cool. There were 80 guns all together and probably 150 people. I was only interested in a few of them but my interest stopped at average retail. Some of the prices made me want to run home and get my guns to include in the auction. Like $125 for a Marlin model 60, used? Hello, you can still get a new one for that.

I did jump in on a H&R bolt action rimfire. Got it for $125, which was probably plenty. I am a sucker for H&R though. I have an H&R pistol and killed my first deer with a borrowed H&R rifle. Always thought there should be an H&R rifle in my collection. It has a beautiful stick of walnut hooked to it. It is a "Sportster model 250" which I don't know anything about but so far, I am pretty impressed with it.

I tore it all down and scrubbed it completely. The trigger is heavy but just a very small amount of creep and there is no overtravel at all. It should make for a fine squirrel and paper killer. Will try and get out with it this week and see how it shoots.

They had a couple of 30 carbines that I would have loved to got a hold of but holy cow, $350 -$450, I don't think so. Didn't want one that bad. I bought one in 1983 for $65. Like an idiot, I sold it a couple years later. They had some nice handguns but I wasn't sure of the value on a couple of them so I just stayed out of it. There was a GP100 Ruger that went for $250 I probably should have jumped in on but you know how it goes. You step in and it just keeps going up so I kept my card in my pocket.

There was a Winchester 1886 40-82 (1891) that went for an un-Godly price. I had not ever seen one, it was pretty cool. It closed somewhere around $2000. That could have been a steal, I don't know. It was fun to get out and check out all the guns and visit with some people in my new town.

The Sheriffs department announced last week that they will start accepting applications for concealed carry permits in my county. That's good news, it's been a long time coming. No other big news yet, just waiting on the FFL and we'll see where that takes the shop.



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