Montana July 2015

Another great trip. I did not load/take quite as much ammo this year but did not run out. Along for the ride again were the following calibers.

17 Hornet
204 Ruger
22 Hornet
222 Remington
220 Swift

I spent more time with the 222 than anything else. I took a Ruger Hawkeye in 222 and a Remington 788 in 222. The Ruger was amazing and a lot easier to deal with. The 788 wanted to hang on to empty cases unless you pulled the bolt back quickly which I refused to do. My brother had coated the truck bed with empty 223 brass and I didn't want mine mixed in with it and should they clear the side of the bed, I didn't want to hunt for them in the grass. Not the end of the world just a little bit of a pain.

Last year I had a bench in the bed of truck and my brother used a bench on the ground. It worked well but I could see and shoot at more dogs from the truck bed. This year I got a ladder rack for the truck and used up a couple pounds of welding wire turning it into the Prairie Dog Mobile.

With jacks hooked into the receiver hitch and jack stands under the front end there was still too much wiggle when you were trying to hold steady on a dog a half mile away. It worked out ok, whoever was ready to pull the trigger would just say so and the other shooter would freeze until the shot was taken. Well, if Kyle was shooting, I had to wait for the shot and then wait for him to stop laughing then the truck would settle.

We had a great time and burned up a lot of ammo. We will probably revamp the ladder rack and build a second bench on a free standing tripod of some sort for the next go round instead of having both of us on the same unit.

One afternoon on the trip we went to a new location on a plateau in the hills. I am not afraid to say that getting there and getting back out scared the crap out of me. Steep decents and steep inclines are not something I have much experience with but we lived through it and didn't tear anything up.

Pictures don't do it justice but you get the idea.

Click Here for some pictures from the trip.

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