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Update March 2003

Beautiful weather if you like it dry and windy. Not nearly enough moisture this winter in either snow or rain.

The cycle seemed to be cold and clear through the week and warmer but cloudy and windy on the weekends. That really put a damper on coyote hunting. Every weekend I would plan to hunt only to wake to howling winds the next morning.

I did make it out a few times but the wind usually kicked up as I pulled into the hunting area. I gave it a go anyway but to no avail.

We took a weeks vacation an drove to Phoenix, Arizona. Neither me or the wife had ever been there so it was quite an experience. Took in Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Sedona and visited friends in Phoenix. We drove to Amarillo the first day and on to Flagstaff the second day. Did not want to drive at night because we didn't want to miss anything.

Part of the reason for the trip was that I am considering attending college at Prescott, Arizona for a degree in Gunsmithing. I wanted to check out the college and the area. The college seemed great and the area was beautiful. Decisions decisions. Anyway, we did make it by the Ruger plant in Prescott but could not talk them into a tour of the plant. Still pretty cool though considering most of the manufacturers seem to be in the northeast and I may not ever see them. Ruger had a nice display of castings in the lobby including pistol frames and such. I did pick up the latest catalog to drool over and bought a couple of the promotional items without having to pay the shipping charges.

The return trip we drove until 10 pm and took a break at Albuquerque. We decided to cut northeast from New Mexico and come back in to Kansas City via southwest Kansas. Nothing against that part of the country but there is a whole lot of nothing out there. Seemed like you would drive a hundred miles and not move an inch. Saw a few prairie dog towns and that started my blood pumping again but past that, nothing but tumble weeds and an occasional sand dune.

When we got home, the car was past due for an oil change and tire rotation. 3100 miles in 8 days. I don't need to do that anytime again real soon. My hat is off to the truck drivers. That is one job I could not and would not have.