August 2008

Summer's shot to heck already !

Still way too much to do and the days are already getting shorter.

We did get in a couple of nice camping trips in July. Went to Alley Spring near Eminence, MO. Just played in the water and basically did nothing productive for a few days. Very relaxing and hard to come home.

Scrambling to get geared up for the upcoming hunting season I have been shoveling a few new rifles into the rack at the shop. Stocking up on ammo, scopes, rings and anything else I can think of that may be needed.

My Savage rep stopped by first part of the month and showed me some of the new Savage offerings. They always have something new which can be a mixed blessing I suppose. Savage offers so many variations that sometimes I tend to think they over do it. Just deciphering their catalog can be a challenge. However, I continue to be impressed with Savage firearms so that's always a good thing.

I realize that in the scheme of things, I am a very little piece of the puzzle but I do appreciate the fact that Savage has a rep that calls on me. I think it speaks well of Savage. In 4 years, the only other rep I have seen is S&W, once.

We recently purchased the building and lot where my shop is located. I don't expect to make any major changes right away but long term, we are tossing around a few building expansion ideas. I have enough ground to double the size of the building which should give me some options on product lines and or activities in the building.

One trip to the "Sporting Goods" department at Wal*Mart and I am quickly reminded of how important product knowledge is. While I certainly do not know everything, some of my competition makes me look brilliant. At least I have fired a gun, know a little about hunting and I didn't just get asked to work in sporting goods for the evening because someone didn't show up for work.