Wood Protectants
Working on this section of the site, I have realized how some old habits are nearly impossible to kill.

My dad taught me and my brother to use mom's Pledge Funiture Polish on our wood stocks almost 30 years ago. Guess what? I still use it, in fact, I still use it on the same guns. Guess it works.

  • Pledge Furniture Polish
  • Of course there are others but I haven't researched it yet.

    I do not spray the wood simply because I do not want over spray on the bluing. Instead, spray the rag, wipe the stock down and hang it in the rack. I always give my deer rifle a good coat a couple of days before season opens. I assume this gives the odor time to dissipate. Does not seem to bother the deer anyway.

    One deer season comes to mind when I think of the potential damage to a wood stock from hunting. My dad and I got caught in a thunderstorm. It rained so hard we that the creek we crossed on the way in could not be crossed to get to the truck. We waited it out while sitting under the edge of a big bush. I still remember looking down at my poor 30-30 lying in my lap. Kept it covered with the poncho best I could but the gun was completely soaked. Looked like I had been swimming with it. The gun survived and so did the wood but it is a wonder.

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