About Centerfire Central

Born and raised in Missouri my first rifle was a lever action saddle gun found under the christmas tree at the age of 6. It had plastic bullets, not ballistic tips, but you had to push them into a little brass case against a spring. I don't recall now what caused them to leave the case and barrel other than the trigger. Must have been a firing pin of sorts. Wish I had that gun back, it probably would be worth a pretty good chunk now.

At 14, in 1975, I bought my 1st coyote call, my parents were confident that I had already lost my marbles at such a young age. When I played the rabbit song for them they all but ordered a straight jacket.

They just chuckled when I came in time after time, empty handed, cold, wet and tired. I was packing an old single shot 30-30; it was either that or a 22. It was about 15 months before they stopped laughing as the big dog dropped off my shoulder and onto the porch. Then the questions started in, "Where did you get that?" " What do you mean you called him in?" $33 dollars for the fur, and they began to realize I was serious about this.

I still coyote hunt, probably more now than I did as a young man. No plans to stop either.

The web site started as The 22 Hornet Page tacked on to a URL that I owned back in the 90's. It wasn't long before web site traffic and requests for additional calibers started coming along. So in 1997 I purchased the URL CenterfireCentral.com.

Articles I've written for the site, reloading information a long with product reviews and other odds and ends can be found on the sight.

In 2004 I opened the gun shop and named it Centerfire Central. 15 years later I closed the shop and sold the building. It had become the norm to buy guns and related products off the internet. Like a lot brick and mortar businesses, the struggle became excessive. I will always miss the shop and the customers but I lived the dream for a while at least.

Centerfire Central web site will continue as long as I can handle it and hopefully it will go into the future at someone else's hands.

I can be reached by email at bill@centerfirecentral.com