Compact Rifles

Thinking about a new centerfire rifle ?

Consider this.

20 years ago when you went to buy a TV, you did some research, maybe even read consumers guide. You carted home a new television that was nearly as bulky as they were in 1970, maybe not a console but just as deep.

Today, you can stay with the same old routine or go with a flatscreen or giant big screen.

Today's television still does the same job which is to deliver information and entertainment to you but it does it in a much different way. High resolution, sharper images and more definition to name a few. Today's television presents you with a much more enjoyable experience than in the past.

So you're thinking about a new rifle. Your first centerfire probably had at least a 20 inch barrel and weighed nearly 9 pounds with a scope.

Today, there are options, and in my opinion, better options.

Smaller, lighter and more convienent "Compact Rifles"

In the 70's, the revolver was the norm when considering a new handgun. Probably 95 percent of the handguns I sell today are Auto's. And, they just keep getting better.

Sure, full size rifles have improved. Look at what Savage has done with the AccuTrigger. Giving you a time tested and proven rifle with the ability to adjust the trigger to your liking without a gunsmith. Savage finally shortened the actions on their "short action" cartridges. Now you don't have a 9 inch bolt for a 223.

Subtle but apreciated changes to the rifle of today's market.

Enter the Ruger Compact

Drop the barrel length, drop the stock length, drop length of pull and presto, a gun that should be changing the centerfire hunting rifle like the Auto's have the changed the handgun world.

So Why Isn't It Changing The Hunting Rifle World ?

Mind Set !

The same thinking that pits 300 magnums against whitetail deer. Yes you can buy a street car with 500 horse power to drive back and forth to work but most people don't. It's over kill !

If you still hunt with a full size magnum rifle, it's only because you haven't tried a smaller lighter gun. And by tried, I don't mean taking it out of the gun rack and looking at it. I mean taking it out in the field and putting meat in the freezer.

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Last Modified: January 3, 2012