Ruger Model 77 Compact Rifles

I have scribbled and written so much about the Ruger Compact rifles that I decided to try to compile it all into one location with some kind of structure to it.

To the best of my knowledge the compact was introduced in 2002.

It is a standard 77 action with a short barrel and short stock.

Barrel Length is 16.5 inches
Overall Length 35.5 inches
Length of Pull is 12.5 inches
Weight is 5.5 to 6 pounds

Over the years it has been offered in several calibers including:

300 RCM
338 RCM

I now own 4 of the Compact Models

The gun shown here is a MKII Blued/Walnut in .308 purchased new in November of 2002.

MKII Blued/Walnut in 243 Purchased new in December of 2008

M77 Hawkeye Compact Blue/Walnut in 6.8MM SPC Purchased New November 2009

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