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Product Review

I had read with great interest, in the news groups about the “Weasel Ball” sold by K-B Toys.


Seems that they sell a motorized ball about 3 inches in diameter with a tail-like piece of fake fur hooked to it. The motor inside the ball is weighted so that as the ball rolls across the floor, it does so in an erratic pattern. The motor operates on a single AA battery and the ball must be taken apart to turn the motor on and off.


If memory serves me, folks were hanging this ball from a low branch on a tree and the “tail” would wave wildly in full view and draw the attention of the coyote away from the exact location of the caller.


Somewhere along the way, I ran across Decoy Heart’s web site Decoy Heart is also a motorized ball but this one has an external switch. They also sell a rabbit decoy in which the ball is to be placed. The motion of the weighted motor is intended to make the fake rabbit appear to be moving.


I thought the price of the decoy to be a little steep and after reading through Decoy Heart’s site, it seemed that the decoy did not have to be overly realistic.  This sounded like something I could accomplish and decided I could probably fashion something that would work for a lot less money. I ordered the Decoy Heart and as soon as it arrived, went to work on a decoy.


My critter turned out pretty crude, but it does appear to move when the motor is running. I placed wire leg extensions on the front legs to reduce the amount of contact with the ground and increase the amount of movement it makes.


I only have 2 complaints about the set up: it is a pain to carry along with you and the motor is noisy.


Maybe the decoy that Decoy Heart sells is better insulated and reduces the noise of the motor, I don’t know.


I had introduced my Labrador Retriever to the ball simply by turning it on and setting it down on the floor. She loves it. She’ll chase it around the basement until I can’t stand the ruckus any longer.


At the Mall one weekend, K-B Toy happened to have a stack of Weasel Balls by their front door, on clearance for $4.99. I bought 2 of them, 1 for my dog and 1 for the pet of my wife’s co-worker.


My dog, Molly, loves the ball, but the part that bothers me is that she can be ten feet away and sleeping and hear the ball when I turn it on. My feeling is that if she can hear it so can a coyote.


I have taken my rabbit afield and it drives me nuts because, placed 10 or 20 feet away, I can hear the motor running and my hearing isn’t what it used to be, certainly less perfected than that of a coyote.


As far as a product review, the product does add motion to a decoy. Does it work? I could not tell you. I have not had it out there running when I killed a coyote.


I am not, sorry that I bought it and will continue to try different methods of getting a coyotes attention with it. It seems like a really good idea.


Here is a page with pictures of my decoy and both the Weasel Ball and the Decoy Heart. Decoy



Update: 2003

Had a fox sneaking in to a call. He was zeroed in on the decoy when I spotted him. Of course I was looking the wrong direction and could not turn fast enough for a shot. However, it did prove to me that it works.

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