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Well as most of you have probably noticed, site updates and The Firearms MagEzine have been non-existent for quite some time now.

I changed careers a little over 2 years ago. Until then, I had been working from home and had more time to tend to the web site. Now, I am out of the house fighting traffic and serving time 8 to 5 at a company in Kansas City.

Fortunately, it is work that I enjoy, technical support for about 120 PC's. I had learned more than enough to be dangerous when I worked from home. When you are self-employed, there is no such thing as tech support. You either figure it out or else.

Changing careers was scary though. I had been in the transportation field for nearly 20 years. To say that I was sick of it would be one way of putting it in a "G" rated environment.

Anyway, I still shoot and work with reloading as often as I can but made the mistake of re-discovering an old hobby during the summer of 2000.

9 zillion dollars later, I find myself elbow deep in Slot Car Racing. Sure you know the ones, the 1/32 scale cars. Cars big enough to watch drift through corners as you white knuckle the controller. It is a different ball game now though what with infrared emitters and phototransitors connected to PC's clicking off lap times that get shaved every lap as yet another new car breaks in. Addictive as all get out. Just look at THIS

Very quickly I realized that there are just too many things in this old world that I enjoy to get them all squeezed in during just one lifetime.

Somewhere along the way, pretty sure it was September 11th, I realized that another passion I had never fully pursued was handguns. I found myself wishing I had a 45 under each armpit and a 9mm in my back pocket.

Sure I had a handgun, a beautiful little H & R 999 22 top break. Now don't get me wrong, filled with 9 CCI Stingers and an HK speed loader in tow, I could hurt something. Somehow "hurting something" no longer seemed adequate.

I will write up a review and progress report soon on the Ruger Blackhawk 45 LC that I picked up. Oh, I realize that it is slow and I only have 6 shots but I certainly would not want to be on the receiving end of the first or the last shot or anything in between. And if my ability to shoot a rifle trickles over to the pistol, I will be very pleased. Which brings me back to CenterFire Central and the entire reason it ever developed in the first place.


Kind of has a nice ring to it don't you think. Funny, I never really looked at my devotion to the web site as being a product of the addiction to perfection, but that is exactly what it is all about. It is all about picking up a firearm, figuring out its quirks and your quirks and making the gun perform as it was designed to.

Being a computer technician only shows me how stubborn I can be. It is pretty much the same thing. Don't tell me that a PC won't do what you want it to do until you have fed it the right ingredients.

Now CenterFire Central is running on a server in my basement. Faster updates and more control, more room to grow and make improvements to the site.

I will be looking at all pieces of the site and making improvements as I go. Hopefully, the changes will meet with your approval.

With that I will close for now saying thank you to those of you who have continued to visit CenterFire Central, utilize and contribute data and information to the site.