Update Pre-Season November 2005

Does time fly or what?

It's been a pretty strange year but we are still going.

By the grace of God, my son survived a head-on collision in February. Very long story short, he is still in rehab with some motor skill issues but doing pretty damn good considering. The best comparison I can come up with is a stroke patient. He has some speech problems and motor skill issues but his mind is fine otherwise. He was living in Texas when this happened and he is now back in Missouri. Says he's "never leaving again." I tease him and just say "yea, sure until some cute little gal asks you to move or you get a job offer you can't pass up." He is strong willed and in good spirits but it's been tough on him. If you are the praying type, think of him when you get a minute.

I continue to press on with the gun shop/ computer shop. It's amazing what you can waste on advertising. Should have put the money into inventory instead. I keep adding products as $ allows and slowly but surely, filling up the shelves. I did just finish my instructor course so that I can teach concealed carry classes. I am excited about the potential there. If you are in the KC area and interested in taking the class, keep an eye on this page which is also linked from the main screen of the web site. I will start scheduling classes as soon as all the paperwork is in place.

My daughter (now 23), decided she wants to deer hunt with me this year. The last time we hunted together was 1997 so I am excited about having her in the field with me again. She's been a little busy the past few years, kids, and jobs and moving so I guess things are starting to settle down for her a little.

The first time I had her shooting a gun, she was probably 3 years old. She sat in my lap, I held the little 22 semi-auto rifle for her and let her squeeze the trigger. I don't even remember what we were shooting at but I remember she hit it. Probably a hedge apple or something. By the time she was 6, I had her shooting silhouette metal animals at 40 or 50 feet. "You see the pig? Put the X on him and squeeze the trigger." She listened well until she became a teenager.

If you have read much of my stuff, then you know that I love the .243. Though it was probably inevitable that I end up with a .243 at some point, I got the first one for my daughter. She was probably 13 or 14 and decided she would deer hunt with me. All I had for deer at that time was a 30-30. So I ran a newspaper ad to sell or trade off my Thompson Contender in .223 for a rifle of some sort. Ended up trading for a Remington 700 .243 and some cash. I thought the .243 would make a great gun for her but I made the mistake of shooting it and fell in love with it. I let her carry the 30-30.

In retrospect, I should have let her carry the .243 but she was quite capable with the 30-30 so I didn't feel too bad about it. She only hunted a couple of seasons, never got a shot and froze out the second season. The second season she hunted was one of the most miserable seasons I ever hunted. Extreme cold and wind, enough to make anyone question their sanity but more than enough to convince her that this wasn't for her.

Ready to give it another try, I took her to the shooting range in early October. I took the original .243 Remington, my Ruger compact in .308 and my latest addition, the Ruger .243. As expected, she shot the Ruger .243 like a pro and fell in love with it. Then I shot the .308 and she wanted no part of that. I guess standing behind me, the muzzle blast was enough to convince her.

I let her shoot the Remington .243 and she shot it well but preferred the Ruger. She said it seemed to kick less and she was shooting nice groups with it. Not a problem either way, I want her to carry the one she is comfortable with.

While at the range, I worked with my old Savage Hornet some. Still a blast to shoot, I am toying with the idea of packing it opening day. I know that many deer have been killed with the little 22 Hornet but I don't know if I have the guts to try it. I will be packing my Blackhawk 45 Colt too and would love to kill a deer with either of them. In case I chicken out, the .308 will be standing at ready.

Knowing I would have someone in my tower with me opening morning, I decided to do a little work on the tower. The weather had messed with it enough that the floor joists were questionable in a couple of spots and I added a door on the southwest corner to block out the afternoon sun. The tower has always looked like hell because I built it out of scrap and didn't do that great a job putting it together. But none of the deer I've killed from it seemed to mind and that works out because I don't mind either. As long as it keeps me dry and provides a view, I'm happy.

Some of the shots from my tower have tended to be on the long side. So I bought some of that "Deer Co-cain" and put it on the ground about 100 yards in front of my tower. A week later, the deer had found it and had been working it over pretty good. Hopefully, this will shift their travel pattern and move them in a little closer to give the daughter a nice opportunity for a shot and or me a shot with the Hornet.

One of the hunting buddies bought a 2 man tree stand for him and his son. If they don't get a nose bleed from elevation or freeze out, it should provide a great opportunity for them. They positioned it to watch about 200 yards of tree-line in 2 directions. The area is heavily traveled by deer, turkey and everything else including sasquatch so they should have an interesting hunt.

My brother made a couple of minor alterations to his tower and should be good to go.

Not sure who else is going to hunt with us this year but one thing is certain. Tall tails and a good time win loose or draw.

Watching the forecast now and it's looking a little on the warm side for opening day but since the weather persons are seldom close, not much to worry about yet.



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