Gun Vises and Cradles
Basically for rifles and shotguns, the goal is to safely hold the firearm in an accessible position to allow for cleaning. The idea is to keep the muzzle below the action so that solvents do not drip into the action and supporting recesses of the stock.

There are several approaches to this and the only experience that I have personally is the Hoppes Gunsmith Vise. It consists of 2 stands that lock in to bases that are screwed to the bench top or screwed to a board that can then be clamped to the bench.

The front stand is Y shaped, padded and adjustable in height to accommodate differing firearms designs. The back stand is an overgrown clothes pin where one leg of the pin actually locks into the base leaving the other free to be squeezed to open. It too is padded. My only complaint with the Vise is it could be a little more rigid. Functionally however, it works great.

Other vises include more stationary models that are all in one piece. They have adjustable clamps to accommodate different stock styles. I have never used one of these styles but assume they would work very well. Midway sells their own version made of plastic and Brownells sells one that is made of wood. Prices range from $45 to $90.

Other styles include a cradles, which appear to basically count on the weight of the firearm to hold them down into a Y shaped, padded stand at each end of the cradle.

A couple of cradles on the market that I know of include one sold buy Sinclair International, 2 sold by MTM and Midway offers a cradle/box.

The cradle offered by Sinclair appears to be a very rigid design and runs around $45.00.

The cradles offered by MTM are used in conjunction with either a tray, for work at the bench or in conjunction with a Shooters Accessory box. Midway's cradle/box can be purchased complete with cleaning equipment. Prices range from $20 to $135.

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