Predator Hunting

My take on Predator Hunting

There are other sites on the internet filled with information written by excellent coyote hunters. I am not an "excellent" coyote hunter but it is not for lack of trying. Oh I kill a coyote now and then, but not nearly as often as I would like.

What I plan to do with this section of the site is simply give you some facts and figures as well as tell you about some situations that I have run into while coyote hunting in Missouri.

I mention coyote hunting briefly on this site under "The 22 Hornet" in the cartridge section. Just to set the stage a little, I will repeat some of it here.

I started coyote hunting in the fall of 1975 with a call like this one

It was probably a year before I called my first coyote but that started what has turned out to be a life long addiction. I've spent hundreds if not thousands but who's counting. It has been one of my most enjoyable hobbies and I hope to continue hunting predators until my age stops me.

To the best of my recollection, I called and killed only 1 coyote with this call. Though I tried, it would be years before I called another coyote in, at least one that I saw anyway.

There are several hurdles I crossed on predator hunting but the single biggest problem was lack of training material if you will. I did not have access to good reading material and I did not know where to find it. I got to talking to a young man at the shooting range in December of 2001 and realized that he was having the same problems that I had at his age.

The material is obviously available, but sometimes knowing where to look is everything. The older you get the more resourceful you become. Some real simple stumpers are things like the terminology. While you might not find anything readily under "Coyote Hunting", knowing to look under "Predator Hunting" may not be so obvious. Then throw in the term "Varmints" and it just compounds the situation. 

What has become "normal" for those of us who have been at this for a while, is unfamiliar territory for a beginner.

For instance; All call manufactures include some brief description of how to blow their call but things that confused me for a long time were the little things.

I will do my best to address these and other questions here and hopefully it will be information that someone will find useful.

The following sections will eventually be included. If it is underlined, it is a link and means that it is completed or in progress.