1/32 Scale Slot Car Racing

With Scalextric offering white versions on some of their cars now, I thought it would be a great opportunity to customize a car or 2 to my own liking. I also have a few older cars that would sure look sharper with fresh paint and decals.

I did not want to re-learn model painting on a brand new $40 car. I say re-learn because I used to build 1/24 scale model cars, a lot. When I was building models, I brush painted all of them. That was the most economical method and still is but my allowance is a little bigger these days. Spray paint is obviously a better way to go for appearance sake anyway. I opted to practice on an older Scalextric Porshce 962 that I happened to have a pair of. They are both yellow and in pretty good shape, so I picked the worst of the two. By worst, I mean it had more decals, some of them crooked and it really did not look all that swift to begin with.

Basically, I followed directions written by David Lawson that I found at the SSRC web site.

962 Porsche Paint Project

Scalextric GT40 Paint Project

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Last update Thursday, December 25, 2008